This week's (February 13, 2024) Tuesday Night Auction for Cozy Coats for Kids

This week’s (February 13, 2024) Tuesday Night Auction for Cozy Coats for Kids is an ounce of pure (.9999) gold. Authenticity verified on Nick’s Sigma machine. The exact coin shown is the one you will get. This is a gorgeous ounce of pure gold still in original case. Any scratches are on the case, not the coin.

Inflation isn’t going away, buy some gold: Wealth Storage

Auction items are being provided by Nick Gromicko


  • Auction starts now and ends around 7PM MST (9PM EST) on Tuesday night.
  • Winner will be the post with the highest bid as of roughly 7PM MST (9PM EST).
  • You can bid as many times as you’d like, as long as your new bid is higher than the previous bid.
  • Winner agrees to make a donation to the Cozy Coats for Kids charity for the amount they bid.
  • Winner’s company, company logo, and company contact info will be listed/promoted on the Cozy Coats for Kids’ Donors page forever… an added bonus for winning.
  • Inspector Outlet will contact the winner for shipping instructions (shipping included).
  • Maggie will contact the winner for payment.

Total approximate value of these items with shipping: No clue.

Fifty dollar bill $50

$500.00 here.

$550.00 here

$700.oo from Florida

$750.00 here.

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$1,500 to get this started again

$1,750.00 here.

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bump to $2,000

Auction ends tonight at 9 PM EST!

$2,050.00 here.

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I gotta go at least $2,100

$2,110.00 here.


@lkage wins! :tada:

Thank you!

You can make your donation online at

Please email your shipping address to


Thanks Larry.


Way to go Larry!


WTG Larry !!


Congratulations on the win Larry. :+1: