This week's (February 20, 2024) Tuesday Night Auction for Cozy Coats for Kids

This week’s (February 20, 2024) Tuesday Night Auction for Cozy Coats for Kids is a once ounce bar of pure (.9995) palladium. Authenticity verified on Nick’s Sigma machine. The exact bar shown is the one you will get. This is a gorgeous ounce of pure palladium. Palladium is 30 times rarer than gold and hit an all-time high of nearly $3,000/ounce in 2022. It’s a great time to get this precious metal.

Inflation isn’t going away, buy some gold: Wealth Storage

Auction items are being provided by Nick Gromicko


  • Auction starts now and ends around 7PM MST (9PM EST) on Tuesday night.
  • Winner will be the post with the highest bid as of roughly 7PM MST (9PM EST).
  • You can bid as many times as you’d like, as long as your new bid is higher than the previous bid.
  • Winner agrees to make a donation to the Cozy Coats for Kids charity for the amount they bid.
  • Winner’s company, company logo, and company contact info will be listed/promoted on the Cozy Coats for Kids’ Donors page forever… an added bonus for winning.
  • Inspector Outlet will contact the winner for shipping instructions (shipping included).
  • Maggie will contact the winner for payment.

Total approximate value of these items with shipping: No clue.

50 buckaroos

FYI for those interested:

Palladium was selling at $950 on Friday and here is one site’s projection…

How much will palladium be worth in 5 years?

“According to the latest long-term forecast, Palladium price will hit $1,000 by the end of 2023 and then $1100 by the middle of 2024. Palladium will rise to $1,400 within the year of 2025, $1,500 in 2026, $2,000 in 2027, $2,200 in 2028, $2,500 in 2029, $3,000 in 2030, $3,500 in 2032 and $4,000 in 2034.”

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Ill bid $75 :+1::+1:

$100 here is my bid

$55.00 dollars

120 dollars

160 dollars

$300.00 here.

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$350.00 here

$400.00 here.

Let’s jump to $700

$750.00 here.

Let’s go to $900

@blinn wins!

Thank you :confetti_ball:

You can make your donation online at Donate Coats for Kids - Donate Online | Donate by Mail

Please email your shipping address to

$1000 sent. Thanks!


Thanks a bunch!!

Thanks Bob.

WTG Bob !!

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Congrats on the win Bob!! :+1:

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