This week's (June 30, 2015) Inspector Outlet Charity Auction. Bidding starts now.

This week (June 30, 2015) is being provided by Inspector Outlet.

Non-InterNACHI members are welcome to bid.


  • Auction starts now and ends at 9PM MST on Tuesday night, June 30, 2015.
  • Winner will be the post with the highest bid as of 9PM MST.
  • You can bid as many times as you’d like, as long as your new bid is higher than the previous bid.
  • Winner agrees to pay Inspector Outlet, which will then be donated to the charity of the winner’s choice, in the winner’s name if possible. We’ll post a copy of the receipt for the donation.

This weeks item is 3 full cases (120 total) of “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection” books. Shipping is also included (you don’t have to pay shipping).

Here is how you can use the books to quadruple your inspection business in 2 years:

Here is how you can use the books to market to real estate agents:

If the winner is in Florida, we’ll ship the Florida version:

The value of the 3 cases of books including shipping is close to $400.

Bidding starts now.


$ 80

















Babb gotta 3… Do I have a $325? 325 …325? ������