This will change your viewpoint...

It doesn’t matter what your stance may be…how you feel, or what you believe. This video is a must for all Americans to see–and see it again…

Hi Jae,

I posted this in the Not for Everyone Forum about a month ago, scarry, very scarry.


Thanks Jay, this is the second time I watch it and will watch it again.
The truth is very scary. I am part of the baby boomers.
Rated this a four star.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’m on dial up. Anyone want to give a synopsis?


Now we can only hope this video reaches Washington!

That is like communicating with the deaf, dumb, and blind. :eek:

Very good video and recommended watching for anyone who is concerned with current immigration (legal or illegal) issues. The numbers were truly staggering and his presentation dealt with legal immigration numbers without consideration to the 10+ million illegal immigrants.

Just out of curiosity I went to the INS WEB site to find the actual numbers of immigrants and visa holders (by type) that we welcome each year. First off INS has apparently changed their name to U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services ( ). Secondly I could not find any data current within the past 2 years. Anyone have links to this type information on the uscis WEB site?