Three Button Water Faucet Valves

Has anyone heard or seen such of a thing? I have a client coming out of CA to Ohio for me to inspect a house for them. They told me that all of the water faucets have three buttons to turn the water on and off with. , Cold, Warm and Hot. :roll: This is a new one on me. The guy who designed and built the house in 1965 was a electrical engineer. Any help on this type of system will greatly be appreciated. :smiley:

Not familiar with what you describe.

Maybe the person put these type faucets in and plumbed them for the three temperatures.

Electrical engineer, huh? Probably did something quite unusual uder there and is very proud of it.

Let us know what it’s like.

He told me that there is only one spigot? Looks just like a regular faucet, but with three buttons?

Must have an electronic mixing valve with a little water heater under the sink…my guess.

Push this, you get cold. Push that, you get hot. Push the middle, you get a mix of each. :wink:

Thats a possiblity, but house was built in 1965. Did the have under the sink water heaters then? :roll:

I have seen and inspected these systems.

Water flow and mix is electronically controlled thru solenoid valves within a panel usually located at a centralized location. Water is mixed at the solenoid and travels thru a single pipe to the faucet fixture.

Replumbing is difficult as there is only a single supply to each location.

Parts are difficult to obtain but are available.

Thanks Joe, That was what I was needing to know. I will write this in my report. :smiley:

Interesting, Joe, thanks. :wink: