Time to Start Thinking of the 2011 Awards

Hi. everyone, it has been a little slow on the home front and the Awards Committee is here to accept Nominations soon.

December 10th is the Deadling for Nominations.

Here is the Nomination page and is also available in my signature, so there is no excuse for not looking into it, right?


**Deadline for submissions is set for December 10th of the given year. **

**Any group, committee, or member of the NACHI organization may nominate candidates by submitting this form to the NACHI Awards Committee with all supporting documentation and recommendations. All submissions received will be considered and reviewed by the Awards Committee. Those lacking substantiate supporting documentation may be returned to the Nominator for further documentation, verification, or clarification. Please make sure to state specifically which Award you are nominating the candidate for. **

**Please select the Award you wish to make a nomination for: **


**NACHI Member of the Year/Gromicko Award **

**[size=2]US Member of the Year **[/size]
**[size=2]Canadian Member of the Year **
**InterNACHI Member of the Year **
**Website of the Year Award **[/size]
**[size=2]Inventions and Innovations Program **[/size]

Any questions at all, feel free to e-mail me, private mail, web mail, snail mail, and anything else that works.

Marcel :smile: :grin:

Thanks Marcel.

Time flies fast, and the deadline will be here before we know it.

Plan now, so a deserving individual is recognized.

No need to wait for the deadline. Submit your nomination today!!!