Today's Daily Door Prize by NACHI.TV: 9 LED Aluminum Flashlight plus LED Key Chain.

First member to reply wins.

Me again

Yep, Bill wins!


mee too! slooow today

Real Slow

sounds good to me


This one is old to! :wink:

I am new to the game. I am really just trying the message board out. Is the question of the day the normal place to reply to the daily door prise and is there a regular time that it appears

it always changes Terry…may be weeks without one then a bunch in a row…just a matter of luck if you catch one…anyhow …welcome aboard…stick around …lots to learn here…jim

Thank for the responce wasn’t sure if i was getting it right. looking forward to a new challange. yes just trying to figure out where to go for good ancillary training courses is hard. if you know of any good courses please let me know. Thanks again

bhgbugytd/kljojhiyy/. liuouigb


9 months late. Better luck next time.

thought i would try

How do people even find posts from 9 months ago???
Pay attention to detail…This is very important for an HI.