Today's Daily Door Prize donated by HomeGauge.

1 year of platinum service which includes a full website and hosting, upload and storage of reports, etc from HomeGauge A $450 value.

First one to reply to this post wins.

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me me me, actually…nevermind. I was just excited and didn’t read thouroughly. I use another report system…thanks and good luck to someone that uses HG.

Brian Kelly

Brian wins with assist from Randie. We’ll send it to you now Brian.

WOW Thank you Randie and Nick.

Great thats the NACHI way members helping members .
Roy Cooke

Am I to late for this one? I have been using the HG system for the last 5 months and I will say it here - I have not opened my 3 D since that great and wonderful day that I got my copy of #4 and 4.2. The HG technical support is pleasant and very helpful even though the FAQ are available on every subject. I am asking for this edition because my inspections have been so minimal I am looking at the reality of the NACHI membership renewal fee or the web host exposure. Not to mention the other cost of doing business, okay I will mention it - ancillary service of the infrared camera usage and purchase, the classes for the energy audit as well as the routine inspections with the camera as a reassurance factor for documentation in the report. The camera will be a plus; I know I own the consequences after I say it, and write about it. Interesting position to be in, the business as an inspector - we are responsible for what we don’t see and what we don’t know. I love this industry any way I look at it. Man am I out there? I re read the offer and saw that this was posted in March, well now you know my posture and what I am up against. Anyone have advise for serviving these unusual times? G.M. Cavallo CMI

Wow! Congrats Brian!!

Just a bit. ;-):stuck_out_tongue:

hmmm too late I see.