Today's Daily Door Prize donated by

1,000 customizable brochures

First one to reply wins.

“pass” if you can’t use them.

$315 value.


Michael wins!

Guess you didn’t hear me when I yelled out “YO”. Oh well.


I heard you Mic!!!:shock:

i heard it also…perhaps it was just Nick and Micheal that didn’t hear it …

Ok I need to ask. I am onlin in the NACHI site Looking at posts. I am in memebrs only. I am reading a post and then hit return. I see Nick has posted about todays doorprize. I go to reply and then see it was posted 3 minutes before I saw it. WHere are you posting this Nick? what forum is this being posted in? Just would like to know.

This section:


O.K., I see all of these daily door prizes by, so who are these people? Their website does NOT give a contact. I have ordered these 2 to 3 weeks ago and the shipping is supposed to be 1 to 5 days and I still have not received them. What goes here? If this is a NACHI company, then I need to lodge a complaint that you guys ain’t shipping like you promised.:roll:

I have not received mine either.

I’m training today with a number of other INACHI inspectors.

Bruce Kirby of BJCC is doing great job.:slight_smile:

I won a while back too, but never got mine either. Oh well. I’ve won plenty of other prizes so I won’t go away mad.

Mine arrived on Friday. Thanks Nick, InterNACHI, and


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