Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.TV.

1 Sperry Instruments Scan Test 5-in-1 Scanner-Tester

$34 value.

First member to reply to this post wins.


Just headin’ out to an inspection. Cool.

Michael wins!

Thanks Nick. :slight_smile:

Congratulations Michael!

memememe :mrgreen: :wink:

Mario, are you trying to start trouble?

I’ve had it for a month. :slight_smile:

WTG Mike,

Should be easy to ship, huh? :wink:

Counting to 1 book on order for myself!

No Michael, just congratulating you my friend!!:wink:

Boy do I feel (more) foolish :oops: #-o ](*,)
well played Mario!

No more shipping until Frank gets off his rear end and sends me proper authorizations.:roll:

Thanks, I threw it in my tools bag but haven’t needed it yet.

I like it.

Not as easy to loose as the little thee light testers.:wink:

Don’t be Richard, I suspect we will have no fewer than a dozen posters [usually their first ever post] asking if they won.

Don’t worry, Dale and Frank will set them all straight!:smiley:

I really enjoy the multiple posts after a winner(s) has been declared - my mememe was done with tounge firmly in cheek, however I did not look at the original date - mea culpa - I thouhgt this was a prize for today. :shock:

I may add briliant way to bump the post to top of New Posts section!

I know!

you ever notice that dem dar americanos seem to be winnin all dem dar door prizes in dis here dar canuck foruum, seems to mee dat dose fellers are stallkin our ummm four um dag nabbit

Nah, I’m just stalking Mario :wink: !

Like he needs another one:roll:

Too funny Billy!!:stuck_out_tongue: