Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.

A big box of cool stuff, too much to list.

First one to reply to this post wins.

Yes thanks Cookie

good one roy

Missed it by this much >| |<

I am very pleased .
NACHI does so much for all home Inspectors and just keeps giving and giving.
NACHI and the members does more for the Industry ever month then all other associations combind .
I am so glad for me and all other inspectors to be able to enjoy the free trade of infomation non stop.
Thank you NACHI and all those members that make it so great for all of us.
… Cookie

Thanks to NICK and NACHI .
The package arrived today WOW! you where not kidding about so many things.
I am mentoring three new Home Inspectors and we will be having a meeting at my home Sunday Nov 11. 1;00 pm till?
Any other Home Inspectors who wish to sit in and listen are welcome .
Send me email!
I will share many of these goodies around as well as many other Information sheet I have gathered over the years.
For sure NACHI is the greatest.
Thanks again Nick.

… Cookie

way to go!!!

Reminder for those who want to learn about Home inspection No charge lots of questions answered send me an e-mail .
… Cookie