Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.

100 brochures.

First one to reply to this post with his/her name, city, state, and NACHI ID# wins.

Pass to next person Roy
Roy cooke sr
Brighton Ont canada

A. Dan Leleika
Aurora, IL


carmine fuoco
new paltz, ny
nachi # 04102691

I Took The Time To Read The Brochure I Guess That’s Why I’m Second.congratulations Dan!!!



I Did Notice We Posted At The Same Time Let’s See How Nick Will Deal With This!!

why do people post if they are going to pass??? just curious??? does not seem worth the effort… LOL

What would be better go back and remove my post or just go back and edit it.
I realised I have made a bunch of these flyers and felt some one else could use them .
Or should I just have gone along and accepted them and deprived some one else of the flyers.
I did the same thing when I realised I had the palm photo in my wifes machine .
I to like to win but if I do not need it then I gave it to some one else.
I think it was worth your effort to ask the question, now you know.
Roy Cooke and yes you can edit a post with out it showing up as edited if you do it in the first 2 minutes


Congratulations. Did you acquire your “quick draw” after Wendy’s Door Prize Boot Camp?:smiley:

Actually no I had just got up and still sleepy saw Nick’s post answered it and then saw what it was .
I had just printed 500 of these so went back and asked to give it to some one else .
Roy Cooke

Dan wins, with assist from Roy.

See ya all tonight with another great Daily Door Prize.

You can download an editable version (Word), modify it for your area and print it yourself from here:

It works really good in RE offices and in banks and martgage companies. This copy was optimized for our Chapter (licensing and state requirements and all).

Hope this helps;


To win you have to post more than just your name. You have to post all the proper information in order to win.

That’s actually what has happened to me alot Roy. Just pick up the computer after my kids having it for hours, or just get ready to set it down and look and there’s the thread! Bam! :slight_smile:

Congrats everyone! You’re getting good at this! :slight_smile:

Well if I do it…it is just to show i am QUICK on the draw…thehehe:mrgreen:

It’s in his siggie, from boot camp rememberr? It’s just light colored.


chec kmy post again you will see my info!!!


AHHH…it was GREYED out…look my EYES are not what they used to be…lol…

Nice contribution, Will-