Today's Daily Door Prize donated by NACHI.

A NACHI Beam flashlight:

First one to reply to this post with his/her name, city, state/province and NACHI ID# wins.

got it

and I’m keeping it this time…thanks Nick…AWESOME!

Greg Bell
Titusville, Fl

Greg Bell wins!

See ya all tomorrow with another great Daily Door Prize.

Greg was the first to reply with his name, city, state and NACHI ID#.

Tip: Put that stuff in your message board signature.

Thanks Nick

I can use one of those.

Sorry Christopher

what happened, my post was a minute ahead, it looks like someone edited it…my info is in my signature…look at my post this morning that i passed to Robin…Nick, do I not win this fairly, I was really excited…what happened

UNBELIEVABLE…Nick, look at my control panel…what’s the deal?

I also won valve tags a month ago that I never received as well. This is very disappointing.

I wonder why your signature didn’t show up on your post. I see that it is in your control panel.

I wonder the same thing, thanks for noticing. I really thought I got my first really neat prize. Nick, do I have a flashlight or what? Let me know.

I don’t see your signature from here and it appears that Greg doesn’t see it either. No one can edit your posts but you. Your first post did not contain the information to win, then you edited your first post at 10:47, 2 minutes after Geg made the winning post at 10:45.

Greg said he did see it.

Can anyone see Chris’s signature?

I have one, Greg has one, I see both of them but not Chris’s.

Does something in the website move, edit, change, or remove my signature. You can look at all of my previous posts. My signature is there. I can’t imagine the issue at hand. I just really was excited to win the flashlight…and I believe I did…no offense to Greg or you…but what the heck dropped my signature…and if its computer error, then it should be my prize…any word on the valve tags as well? I’m a little jaded about the door prize benefit.

Chris, look at your post #2. It was made at 10:44 but you edited it at 10:47.


Hm. I’ll email Chris Morrell and see if he knows why your signature did not appear in this thread.