Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Nick Gromicko.

One very old, U.S. Silver Dollar from my private coin collection.

First member to reply to this post wins.

Winner should then email me with shipping address.

Ok I’m replying. did I win finally?

hi nick

Brian wins!

Email me your exact shipping address please:

Wow! It looks like Brian wins it.

Ship it to me, I’ll make sure he gets it. It was a 1986, right? :cool:

Wow! I didn’t think I’d ever win the daily door prize, I guess I need to visit the forum more often! :stuck_out_tongue:

I appreciate the offer to accept shipping for me but I already emailed my info to Nick. Sorry! :smiley:

Thanks Nick!


One Michigander to another…:stuck_out_tongue:


What was it Nick? I’m a coin fanatic. I have several very special coins, then a few I had to let go last summer but at the peak of the silver boom, so not too bad.


Congratulations. 48 more and you can have your San Diego home inspected.:wink:


Ooh wait, hold on, I’ll figure it out. Like a mystery.

Very cool! :slight_smile:

My reading comp is way down lately.

DoLLAR! Not half…not…sigh…

I was gonna guess a Walking Libery, or Morgan, but it could be a Peace Dollar…