Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Peter Ehrenpreis.

First one to reply with his/her name, city, state, and NACHI ID# wins a pack of 25 in the color of his/her choice.

Winner can contact Peter direct at to claim.

Hey, am I allowed to win? Those tags are cool!

Blaine Wiley
2 Pebble Beach Road
Rotonda West, FL 33947


No disrespect Blaine but I think Christopher should win, you did not add your Nachi # to the post and christopher did.

Thanks Kevin

No Problem!

I’ll agree with whoever Nick chooses. Maybe Blaine can have this one and I can have the next or vice versa. Good luck Blaine, we can battle it out again tomorrow!

It’s yours Chris. Kevin is correct, I didn’t list my NACHI member number.


Looks like Chris is the winner!

Blaine, there’s always another time (I’ll see if Nick will let me donate again sometime.)

Chris just e-mail me and I’ll send you an order form to fill out with your info and color selection.

Congrats again.

Chris wins!

See ya all tomorrow with another great Daily Door Prize.

Thanks so much and thanks to Peter for the donation!

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