Today's Daily Door Prize donated by PHII.

First one to reply to this post with his/her name, city, province/state and NACHI ID# wins on copy of Inspection Report Creator software. $600 value!

The winner can contact Matt at PHII directly to claim: (800) 983 6322 or


Roy Cooke Jr2384

Roy Cooke Jr2384 Messer

Kevin wins!

See ya all a little later on tonight with another great Daily Door Prize.

Roy Cooke Jr #NACHI04010510
2384 Messer Rd.
Valdese NC

Thanks, Wow!!! Can’t believe I won…I have been trying since I joined! Thanks Nick.

Christopher Hunt
P.O. Box 231
Lake Dallas, Tx 75065

Okay so how do you guys have your signature and Nachi ID number attached to the botton?

You can do it in the control panel under signatures.

believe me you need to do it if you have any chance of winning on the board.

Roy Jr.,

You in North Carolina now? Would you like to help out the Foundation for Safer Housing with an alarm delivery, if you can?

Hey Nick, call me instead of Wendy for the next big one.:wink:

I will put it up for bid for the “Foundation for Better Housing”

By the way were is my smoke detector ??? Paul?

I would be happy to help in any way I can. Just tell me what needs doing and I will be there. I am not working yet as I do not have my green card (work visa), so I have some spare time.
Call me directly at 828-893-2308 or email me at

Hi Roy Cooke Jr.

Welcome to the NACHI discussion board! Long time no see! Congratulations on becoming a Nachi member!

Best regards.

Hello to all,

Wendy, I have a question. I am new to the message board and have read some of the posts. Are you sure you are doing inspections, because I don’t know how you have the time considering you respond to every door prize within the minute! Ha! Share your secret, we’d all like to know.

Hi Roy, glad to hear from you, safe trip I take it, all the best in your new local!

John, Roy -

If you guys need help with this in NC, I’ve got a great group of guys & gals in Charlotte, Mooresville, Winston-Salem, Wilmington and Siler City. Just let me know if I can help you out.