TOday's Daily Door Prize! First 10 Members to Reply Win!

Absolute Proerty Inspections
Chuck Adkins

Congratulations on your first post at NACHI, Chuck.

Stick with it and in a few months you will be able to recognize that there is a date on every post and you will learn the proper spelling for the name of your business.:wink:

Hi Doug from Canada
:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p 31 Meekings Drive, Ajax Ontario, Canada L1T 3N6

did i win??
OU 812 S 4th St
Phoenix, AZ


I think you’re a little late Brian. :mrgreen::wink:

Micheal your trailer is park crooked Please straighten it up.lolol

The driveway is angled there goofy.

You don’t want me to run over the wife’s flower garden do you?

Hey Wayne,

How about planting some grass in your back yard?

Green side up this time. :wink:

lol that pictures is 5 years old i have added to the home and yes the backyard is green now sort of. Took 750 tandem loads out of there

Hope to be one of the first 10;-)

Please send me this handbook. David Brown

6139 Maddock Drive NE Calgary AB. t2a 3w3

David 8-19-2010 was the last post on this thread.I don,t think you will get a book, but good luck anyway.

I wish you well on in the home Inspection industry.
Home inspectors need to be extremely observant and try to make sure they miss nothing .Unfortunately you missed much of this string all the best… Roy

I am perplexed about the author of the thread.
“A non official InterNACHI member” but was AN registered member EST 2009.
How do we know the thread is not a lark or hoax?

I am not being mean but realistic.

I expect he was a member and did this with the NACHI approval .
.Looks like he now not a member and I guess no longer works for NACHI…