Today's email

Note the subject line

----- Original Message
From: “Mrs Cindy Johnson”
Sent: Sunday, June 10, 2007 3:00 PM
Subject: IAC2 Email

> > Sender Name: Mrs Cindy Johnson
> Sender Email:>
> Sender Phone Number: 6913890
> Hello Dear
> I know this mail will come to you as a surprise, nevertheless I am Mrs. Cindy Johnson, aged 54 years, the wife of Major stephen johnson, Chief Security Officer and Aide-de-camp to the exiled president Charles Tailor of Liberia . As a result of the on-going problem in my country.

> > I am saddled with problems of my ill-health of protracted diabetes and high blood pressure which is getting of increase in the recent times, more importantly getting a trusworthy individual abroad to receive the sum of US$7million and 15Kg worth of gold dust on our behalf. Due to this war crises presently in my city Monrovia our home town, I managed to sneak myself and my son David 24 years of age and one other of my daughter out of Monrovia to Dakar senegal for safety.

> > We were sneaked into Dakar Senegal through the land boarder by the help of some government militant group. After the killing of my husband by the rebels, we decided to come down here to Dakar senegal to secure the this deposit deposited here by my husband and to further look for a trust worthy individual abroad to receive these deposit which has being deposited here in Dakar Senegal before he was eventually killed by the heartless rebels. I feel confident therefore to introduce myself to you based on this problem and our present condition as all our foreign contacts and connections got lost during this crises, all properties burnt by the rebels.

> > I am desperately in need to move and re-locate this huge deposit to your country for safe keeping as this is the only wealth remaining for the future survival and well being of my large family. For your percentage for assistance, a negotiable percentage will be discussed as soon as I receive your response based on this plea for your assistance as our lives are highly in danger due to this problem. I pray and plead for your help. You can email me back for further clarifications God bless you as you respond to my plea for assistance.

> > Sincerely yours
> Mrs. Cindy Johnson

Paul, I got the same thing this afternoon.

Marcel :slight_smile:

I got it as well.

Just Received It As Well , What The **** Goes On Here?

I got this one this morning and I don’t use this bank.

“Mid America Corporation” <> [

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Add Mobile Alert ]( account has been suspended for security reasons.Date:Mon, 11 Jun 2007 09:53:33 -0400 #message { overflow:auto; visibility:hidden }
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Those type come in all the time. I get several a day. The reason I posted the one I did is because of the subjecgt line “IAC2 Email” which would indicate that the addresses were either sold or harvested from NACHI IAC2.

IAC2 doesn’t sell email addresses, and no one would buy them anyway as IAC2 member’s email addresses are publicly displayed for all at

Then they were harvested then.

Here’s the latest SPAM using the email ploy of “IAC2 email”
Guess I’m going to have to set it Junk mail from now on… :(:twisted::twisted:

Sender Name: Sparrow
Sender Email:
Sender Phone Number: + 86 138 2525 2946

Dear Sirs,

Thanks very much for giving me a chance to talk with you, it will be appreciated that if you could pay more attention to this letter, thanks again for your kind attention.

As you can see from the subject, we are an enterprise who serves in the plastic mould industry, we are specializing in mould manufacturing but also plastic products injecting. Taking this golden opportunity, please allow me to introduce shortly about our enterprise :

Our factory is located in the very convenienced industrial city of China–Shenzhen; we can do the whole service from mold design, mold manufacture, injection to assembly.
The Following is the Major Catalog of Plastic Parts We made:

  1. Automotive Parts: Exterior Parts – Car Body Cover, Car Door Parts, Bumper, Fender, Auto Batteries Cover, Radiator Grille; Interior Parts -Engine Part, Panel Instrument, Panel Center, Console Box, Lighting: R&F Car Lamps, Motorcycles
  2. Electric Appliances: Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Washing Machine, Coffee Makers, Fans, Air Cleaners, Dish Dryers, Vacuum Cleaners
  3. Household -Consumer Products: Containers, Mower, Pallets, Mix, Infant Chair etc
  4. TV, Monitors, LCD Case, DVD Case
    5.Medical Instruments

As a company who passed ISO9000, our products are well received worldwide in Europe, America and Asia. Enclosed please find our catalog and brief introduction for your consideration.

We will show our professional ability and competitive price to you if you can give us a chance to quote and cooperate with you.

Thanks for your attention, if you have any further concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Best Regards

Skype: Sparrow0706
Mobile: +86 138 2525 2946
Phone: +86 755 2399 3877 Ext: 819
Address: Tanluo village, Longhua Town, Shenzhen City Guangdong Province, China

I get about 5 a week and Ive won numerous lotteries based on just my email address. I can’t wait for the money to start showing up.

Sooo, I guess that menas your not helping her out!? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Cindy didn’t even spell Charles Taylor’s name right.