Todays findings

The first compressing unit coils are frozen. The second was disconnected

01-10-06 001 (Small).jpg

01-10-06 003 (Small).jpg

01-10-06 002 (Small).jpg

Did you wait to see if the heat pump went through a defrost cycle?

The units most likely have time/temperature defrost controls. The max time between defrosts is 90 minutes. If they didn’t defrost during the time of your inspection then they need checked out.

It didnot defrost while I was there so I recommended to have the unit checked out by a licensed HVAC tech.

Good catch, and safe call. My favorite - outsource!

Looks like there’s way too much ice on the coils for a single defrost cycle to remedy!

OK, if anyone can speculate what these various photos are then I’ll be impressed. These are all the same house yesterday & all in the attic.

Today I looked at the unit and it defrosted

Earl, in that case, you should look at my wife - -




Can Russ and I get a two for one deal?


Headed to edit now…I just realized how that sounded…LMAO

Was it frost or ice, Earl? From the picture it looks like ice.

it was ice build up

It may have done some partial defrosts and refroze if it was ice. It looked to me like it should be checked out. Has it been warmer since you first saw it? I’ve seen much heavier frost but that was more than normal.