Tool Question

I saw a post on the MB a while back about tools for testing the temperature and airflow at the register. Currently I use an infrared thermometer, which only reads the surface of the registers.
Can anyone recommend a good tool for properly meauring temperature and airflow?
Thanks in advance.

I use this. Not expensive and fits in my pouch,

I use a common meat thermometer placed at the filter and at the first branch off the plenum. I rarely test at the registers anymore due to the varied results and temperature drop you get. Delta T on the A/C isn’t that informative a test anyway so I don’t see the need for an expensive tool.

I do like the little number greg linked to. :slight_smile:

Cool gadget Greg! I gotta get one of those. I typically use the infared thermometer as many inspectors do. I’ve compared it side by side with a standard thermometer and the numbers are usually within a degree or two of each other.

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If I am in my HVAC mode I use a flow hood to measure the airflow at the register. I seldom measure the temperature at the register unless I have measured the temperature drop across the coil and I want to know how much cool air I am losing in the ducts. And by the way I only do these when I am using my HVAC license! I think many home inspectors get in trouble by measuring the temperature at the register.

Typically I’m just measuring for ΔT from the coil to the registers to see if it’s between 14° and 22°. All that really tells me, though is that the unit is cooling as designed. I’ve been using a handheld temperature gun that measures surface temperature.