Tools Checklist and "Go-To" Tools for start up.

I am in the process of gathering some information pertaining to start up costs and equipment. First off, let me say that I have been reading through these forums for quite some time and have utilized the “search” function relating to on-the-job tools, and haven’t had much luck. I will gladly take direction to the proper location of this information as well. I’ll also add that these forums are awesome and worth their weight in gold. With that being said, Id like to ask you all a few questions.

What was your experience with start up costs? I understand it can be done on a fairly low budget, but I am more interested in what you have found absolutely necessary or UN-necessary. Knowing what you know now, where would you have put your most effort, time, and money?

Also, what is in your on-the-job tool kit? What do you use the most, and are there any must have tools?

To be clear, I have a fairly good idea of what I think would work for me. I’m just hoping to get a few more ideas. Thanks in advance for any replies, as I do value everyone’s experience and knowledge and look forward to hearing what you all have to say.


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Hi Jon & welcome!
Put your effort/time/money into marketing.
I do not know another plan to make the phone ring.
No ringy, no work.

Please start & list what you think is needed for your tool/equipment to perform a competent home inspection.
We can then go forward from that point. :slight_smile:

Anything but the most basic of searches is best done outside of the forum - the forum search feature sucks. You can use variations on this Google query to find prior threads on the topic: “ tools startup

Since you have already put thought into this, why don’t you post what you have so far and let people comment on it and suggest additions, deletions and priorities?

I suggest that you create a startup budget with planned expenses by category and also a first year financial plan with revenue goals. IMO: having a plan is an important key to success and will help you identify issues earlier, so that you can make adjustments before you get into trouble.

That’s no answer Nick.

Many of the threads that have the information you seek are in the “Members Only” sections of the message board.

1st lesson. Nothing is free. Time to join the organization and reap the rewards.

It’s a sales pitch. What else would you expect??

Maybe it IS an answer…MARKETING, MARKETING, MARKETING!!! :wink:

This was an answer.

Internachi membership 500
Required insurance and licensing fees for where ever you are 3K+ to 0
Suitable vehicle Should be a newish pickup or van 20 to 30K if you don’t have one.
Hand tools, if you don’t already have a few good screwdrivers, pliers wrenches etc., maybe consider another line of work :slight_smile:
A few hundred bucks on good ladders to get into attics and on roofs.
Moisture meters, electrical testers etc., 200 to 1000
Internet advertising 200+ per month

Develop a Standards of Practice, (Join InterNACHI and adopt theirs)
From that SOP determine what tools you need to complete it.

Attic inspection.
Ladder, flashlight, Awl, Camera, Tape Measure …

If I was to start over I would place my money on the proper tools, optimal software, Web presence. Association dues. (InterNACHI, Local Realtor associations)

I would avoid Web setup companies, newspaper adds,

As mentioned - join!