TPI 775 CO/gas detector $175

Selling my used CO detector. Works great. Like new condition. Comes with detector, case and instructions. $175 with free shipping

This is the detector I am selling, only mine is used. New is $375

Email me if interested.
Can send you pics if you’d like.

Emailed you.

Read the FAQ’s regarding calibration!!

2-3 Year lifespan for the sensor…

Which is typical for most all ‘cheap’ units of any manufacturer!

Sensor life, calibration, sensitivity, range, etc. these are all things most don’t bother researching. They look for a cheap price, and have at it.

<<And they wonder why they are out of business with no money in reserves in 3 years or less!>>

Not to mention purchasing from an unknown person (non-Member) off an internet message board.

And… NO warranty or recoarse of any kind!

Thank you guys for the info. After some research I have decided this is a tool that is best to buy new. I agree that it is easy to get caught up in what appears to be a good deal. I am a firm believer in “professionals use professional tools” and its not a area to cheap out in.

Good decision.