TPR discharge Line

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I have been in heated arguments over the use of flex tube used for water distribution lines, being used on a water heaters TPR valve as a discharge line. I know that they do not meet the requirements for this application. What are your thoughts and where can i find any literature on this…

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I can’t give an answer on “flex tube” as that isn’t a type of supply pipe that I am aware of. There are “flexible” pipes that are approved for TPR discharge applications though such as PEX.

Here is a link

Sorry guys let me be more specific on the type of supply line hose. I have come across braided flexible hoses used as a discharge line… Acceptable or not???

where does it say its ok as a tpr discharge tube?

PEX is fine or TPR discharge.

Dude, I don’t know how to direct you to the exact spot. You need to read it :slight_smile:

The only braided lines I’m aware of are water supply connectors. Is that what you’re referring to? These would not be acceptable for a TPR pipe.

Flexible pipe for a TPR valve.
What am I missing?

Is this flexible pipe secured in some way?
Or just flapping around when the TPR is discharging???

Yes PEX must be secured but it does not sound like the OP has PEX.

Well I hope no ones secures it with screws, even short ones into the water heater casing. Could void the warranty.

Yes canderson5 thAts exactly what im talking about!!..

And yes its just flopping around mlarson…

That’s not good.

John …

If you’re in a heated argument because somebody said they’re acceptable … Just have them provide you a building code or manufacturers installation specification saying its ok INSTEAD of you trying to show them WHY its NOT ok.

I’ve done this for 35 years in cases like this … NEVER failed yet

I’ve been beat by a garden hose under 80 pounds of pressure.

Now imagine being thrashed by a metal braided hose with 210 pounds of pressure

What are temperature limitations for PEX?

PEX tubing can be used up to 200° Fahrenheit for heating applications. For plumbing, PEX is limited to 180° F at 100 psi. Temperature limitations are always noted on the print line of the PEX tubing. PEX systems are tested to and can be used with standard T and P relief valves that operate at 210” F and 150 psi.

I found the above in indicating it can be used for TPV Water Heater valves.

The tpr discharge line never sees 150 psi. Its open at one end.

From TPR discharge Line - Page 2 - InterNACHI Inspection Forum

Michael Clark needs another beating with that garden hose.:stuck_out_tongue: