TPR Piping?

You ever see something at first but not see it?
2.5 gallon under cabinet bathroom water heater. I saw it but since I do not see these that often it did not sink in until a few minutes later.

I have never seen one like that Brian.:neutral:

Drains uphill end of story.

Is that the T&P valve draining back into the p-trap of the sink?

Why, yes it is Kevin, using some sort of flexible rubber hose no less.:frowning: :shock: :roll:

I see that type of setup more often than I care to admit, always out in the redneck areas of East County with some proud Bubba meeting me at the curb, spit cup in hand, “I did everything myself.” Get out the extra tablet and pens; it’s going to be a long day. :margarit:

What about the piping and fittings being approved for potable supply?

Huh? The TPR drain hose goes to the sink drain. Even here in San Diego we don’t drink gray water.

Drains “uphill” (simply, not allowed), improper materials for TPR piping (looks like a dishwasher drainline), no air-gap (required for indirect waste receptors).

These little heaters are actually quite common. The discharge piping has the same requirements as those for larger tanks.

just for the heck of it , how are you writing this up?

It should probably have a drip pan too.

Speaking of uphill flow. This is a laundry trap installed by the previous homeowner.

Some people just don’t get it. I wonder if they ever figured out what that smell was.:roll: