TPR valve drain

I inspected a 1982 home the water heater tpr drain did not drain to exterior location. The water heater on first floor slab flooring. Is it require to drain to an exterior location ? What year was it require ? Thanks

Was there a floor drain close? or has the WH been replaced and the installer did not reconnect to an outside drain or back to the floor drain? It should have been to one or the other in 82

Was it in the house, outside of the house (in a closet), in the garage. . . where was the water heater located?

The build date of the house is not really relevant. It’s not likely to be the original water heater in a 25 year old home.

The water heater has been replace and it is located under staircase and it is electric. There is no drain in slab floor.

Look for an outside drain hook up then. Probably never reconnected. Look around outside for a 3/4 inch pipe with more than likely an elbow headed down.

Thanks For the info