TPR valve

Can you have 5 bends or elbows in the extension pipe to the drain?

Yes. But it should be as straight as possible. Read:

“As staight as possible” does not meet a standard. The manufactures recomendations and installation instructions are what is to be followed. If they do not recommend it, you do not do it. If you do, you most likely have voided the warranty if something goes wrong.

wsiegel writes:

Every manufacturer’s installation instructions that I’ve ever seen mentions something such as

All instructions include something that in essence recommends that the discharge line be “as straight as possible” just as InterNACHI recommends. None of these manufacturer’s instructions recommend anything that conflicts with InterNACHI’s “as straight as possible” recommendation.


Not this company.

Four 90’s equals one plug!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I use the more than 4 90’s Always write it up

What do you think of this?

Closer shot of the drain. Notice how it’s going to shoot past the drain.

Shoulda extended the first horiz then to the vert to eliminate the lower 90 and the improper air gap…


That was a good one Frank lol

That’s too simple.

It looks like it used to go in that hole in the white pipe.

And the inspector recommended corrective action. :stuck_out_tongue:

If they don’t go to the floor I write them up That schedule 40 PVC drain is only rated for 180 degrees and will probably melt with 215+ water being discharged from a relief valve;-)