TPREIA Convention

I was wondering if anyone on here from Houston would be attending the TPREIA Convention this week and may let me catch a ride with you and carpool. Being new I would like to just listen and gain knowledge on the ride there. If anyone is willing to allow me to ride along it would be greatly appreciated, I very respectful and will not annoy you. I live in the Katy area but depending how far I can travel to your office or residence. Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, I will not. My schedule always seems to conflict with TPREIA’s. I’m going to be in Colorado and Wyoming during the convention. I would definitely make it a point to be there if I could.

I’m sure that you will find it very worthwhile with a lot of great Texas and Houston area inspectors present. Tell them I said Hi.

Sure thing Chuck, I am hoping to meet Brenda as I have talked to her many times via email. I will definitely let her know you said hello.