TPV PEX routing

Would you fuss much about this PEX being routed just beneath the access cover? I’m tempted to…

If so, why? :roll:

The plumber did save himself one more elbow and crimp one less joint…:mrgreen:

30 Nov 07 102.jpg

Well it doesn’t obstruct but could have been better.:wink:

Looks as if the PEX is touching the access cover…over time this will wear the PEX (from water surge/vibration) causing a leak.

It’s not a pressurized line but from the TPR, I assume.

Is PEX allowed on a TPR ???

PEX is fine. CPVC is fine. PVC is not

TPR Valve piping, yes…

PEX is okay…

Thanks, I don’t see PEX very often, and have never seen it on a TPR.

Michael, you’re too quick…:smiley:

Yeah, it might rub, yeah it touches, yeah it might eventually rub a hole in the top (which should never be a leak…)

I just think it’s poor workmanship… trying to save an elbow and two crimps…



Is the Pex a 3/4" required size, or is smaller, as it appears to be. I probably would worry that the cover may fall off, be removed and left off permanantly, etc. allowing enough heat to escape, allowing for meltdown over time. Not likely, be I guess it could happen.

The TPR line has to be full size from valve to end.