Carey; it was nice meeting you all up at the Alberta chapter meeting and yes I believe Vern is going to type something up as soon as he gets a chance to.
I am also going to discuss with him about the possibly of holding any meetings in Calgary until we get a larger base of NACHI inspectors so that the most the average member would have to drive would be about 2-3 hours.

If that doesn’t work out I think I’ll volunteer to head up a Southern Alberta Chapter. I understand we’d still invite each others chapters for one voice in Alberta and maybe we could alternate times to help keep the work load down? Just thinking out loud. I bumped you a couple notches…your box turned green:D:D

what about an informative NACHI sheet letting them know who we are and filling them in on the real FACTS??
**Nachi may have all the addresses of the agents that they sent the mouse pads too? For those of us that have the home hints e-news letter we could come up with something together that we can put on our letter. IF you run ads in papers and so, on I hope you advertise your assocation, I do, 1/2 page ads for the last 2 years. Just the same all I ever got asked is if I am “Certified”, not CMI, RHI,NCA or #&$# just CERTIFIED INSPECTOR, time may change this and if enough people see and read something long enough it will sink in, NCA for one. **


You scared Mark! Heck you even scared me:p

But I do agree with you.


Chuck, To be honest, you are the first person to tell me that you actually want to help others. I am sure there are more out there and maybe I missed you on the list of 30 inspectors that I tried to contact for help when I needed it. Instead I recieved 28 NO’s and 2 Here you can pay me to follow me around.

It was not my intention to start an argument or rub you the wrong way. But I believe that anyone who has the drive and ambition to get into a business on there own and take the plunge deserves the help of others. I know that there are some inspectors out there that would not give me the time of day and the only ones that have offered any assistance to me have been the guys @ Carson dunlop and they are OAHI. I have Joined Nachi because I intend to help others and the other associations are not there to help me.

So when I read a long description of the trials that you have had and I expect will come to me at some point they painted a picture or doom and
gloom for someone asking should they or shouldn’t they get into this business.

All your points have merit and are valid and I say thanx for being honest about the real picture. But there will be a bright side at somepoint. If I quit because somone told me a dire story of how hard it will be I be a differnet person. Nothing is easy, thats why 80% give up and 20% suceed.
Chuck thanxs for the offer of assitance to eveyone. and to the person who said I don’t know you. That is correct. Next Brandtford Nachi Meeting mabey I can.


Steven; good point. I have never understood why so few inspectors will help either ‘newwbees’ or other inspectors. I have mentored eight new inspectors in the Brockville / Bellville area in the last year. Some think that I am cutting my own throat but there are enough bad inspectors out there that if the new ones do their jobs right the bad ones will disappear. They are all members of N.A.C.H.I. and we have formed a sort of friendly association in this area.

( Of course I told them that the best pickings were in the Brighton area and that they should charge at least $450 for an inspection:mrgreen: )

I went on holiday a few years ago and sent all my inspections to another inspector thinking that my agents would appreciate not being left out in the cold. This guy took advantage of the contacts to bad mouth me to the agents in an effort to win them over I guess. Thankfully it didn’t work! But that is a good example of the back stabbing attitude that is so prevalent in this business. It is something that we must all work to stop or we will forever be regarded as a bunch of irresponsible jerks out to make a buck.

Film at eleven.

Steven if someone quits anything because of what I have typed then they really did not want to be a home inspeactor very badly.:shock: I just want people to understand the real trials and trips. As for tag-a-longs you have to obey the rules. Aloha talk to you next year. Vacation Time.

as I have already stated in an earlier post, I have been in this business since long before most associations showed up on the scene and I feel the way Chuck portraid our business is very realistic. As far as I am concerned every individual applying to take HI couses from any school should be handed a sheet explaining exactly what Chuck has stated in his post. If they are still willing to take a run at this business at least they are fully aware of the potential pit falls and failure rates. Too much marketing is floating around painting the HI business as an easy money maker, bringing more and more individuals into it who are looking at it through rose coloured glasses. All schools and course providers are interested in is getting the newbee’s hard earned money knowing full well that the majority of them are going to fail. I feel that an explanation like Chuck’s given to every potential HI student would be a service to every newbee attempting to enter this industry, which could save them thousands of dollars and years of frustration.
Best regards and seasons greetings to all

Hi, Wolf. I never said he was wrong to do so. Look at it from a endcational perspective. Here I can tell you I have been in this for the last 13 years both teaching @ the college level and at the corporate level. I am all for education and training and that is were I am coming from.

Let me ask a question. If I was a ford dealer (cars) as you came to me and said hey. I want to open a car dealership next door to you can you tell me what I’d have to do. A reply. Well you know its going to take you 4 years of hard work, night school, 4 years of poverty, and then if you survive that you may just make it. Whats the lesson? Whats the educational value of telling him this in this manner.

The lesson don’t do it because most people fail in the attempt.

I think what Chuck has said is completly accurate but its the interpetation that I get from his description that I questioned. My job as an educator is to inform and suppport those that I am teaching not attempt to scare them into thinking that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I have read over chucks message again its all seems so negative.

Are there positives Independence (you are your own boss) but you get out what you put in. Set you own schedule (yes I know you can be at the mercy of the RE agents in this). It will be hard but I think worth it.

I do agree with you on the education front of how its done. The program is presented in to much of a “Take these courses” and you will become the best inspector around. But you also have to take that with a grain of salt maybe even a bag of salt. But its the way it is unless we as a group voice our concerns and change it.


** Being a teacher I expect you could write it more Positive and possibly induce more people into getting in to a profession where there is very little need of more home inspectors and those who do come in 90% are going to spend a lot of time effort ,money and still not succeed. **
**Sorry I agree with Chucks report he told the truth and exactly the way it is . Want to be sold a bunch of BS that will talk you into spending time and Money for a poor outlook go to one of the Colleges or go to a OAHI/CAHPI meeting . **
**They will tell you exactly what you want to near, **
I am sorry but people need the truth there are too many selling smoke and mirrors.

** Cookie want to talk Phone and I too will tell you exactly what I feel is the future613-475-1144**

hi i would like to say i didnt want to start an argument by posting this question. i live in niiagara region. i would like to thankyou for all the far as ride alongs go i havent found any person in my area willing to do that.i was leaning towords a community college program because they do offer a certificate when completed. i also would not be doing this full time untill i could support combine this with my gas fitting i think ill be ok.

Irregardless of what some may think - there are many that pursue a career in home inspection. Certainly like inspectors the courses/programs come in all shapes, sizes, good, bad, mediocre and cheap and costly!

It’s a great starting place for one trying to get a better understanding not of just the home inspection profession, but the necessary technical background that will make one much more complete with the what, the hows and the whys.

Like Steven, certainly some here may say that I am bias because I also teach in the college system in Ontario. There are good programs available both in the college system and also by private training schools too! But I believe in you generally get what you pay for.

Equally - it goes without saying that the major downfall of the business side of home inspections is problem solving, defect recognition, reporting and assuring that the job was well done. If not - an inspector can readily be sued! It’s an unfortunate fact of our job. It’s simply a high risk business trying to get a better idea on properties we generally have very little exposure or knowledge about.

Many part-timers also enter the profession, between jobs or waiting for an opportunity to leave their old one.

Anyways - wishing you the best - and there is nothing wrong with pursuing your dreams, even if it is on a part-time scenario.

Someone asked for the next meeting to be held in

Maybe you could have a go.
Maybe the mould course Nick was talking about.


Regardless what Claude says , the Ontario Association and the colleges say they are filling niche .
My personal Openion and it is backed up by figures ,they are only out to make money.
They turn out many home inspectors who have invested a lot of time and money to find there is room for only a extremely small amount to make a living at Home Inspections.
They try to Pooh Pooh those who try to let the public know that these people are not telling the whole story.
Example OAHI has been constantly at just over the 200 level of RHIs for many many years .
They have alternated around the 500 mark of students and associates for a long time .
Now tell me why have the colleges and OAHI not told these poor souls who are investing much time and money that the odds of them making a good living ore extremely small,
Yes some make it to the top .
If as the Colleges and OAHI keep selling this great rainbow in the sky , why do they not have more RHIs after 14 years then they do now .
Could it be the closed door policy of OAHI/CAHPI.
At least here at NACHI the truth gets told .
Much to the chagrin of those rainbow pushers.

Cookie… let the truth be told

The use of words such as “POOH - POOH” only serves to lower the level of discussion. We are not children in the school yard. In a public forum, such as this one, we are expected to conduct ourselves as ADULTS. Home inspectors use a vocabulary suited to their standing as professionals. “POOH - POOH” is just not appropriate.

I am sure that in the future you will be able to find words that do not reflect poorly on both yourself and N.A.C.H.I. in Canada. :shock:

I expect my spelling will be wrong but would mer de po be closer .
Thanks for the reminder .


to be brutally frank with you the last thing this industry needs is another part time inspector. The reality is that real estate agents needing an inspection will call you once or twice if you are unavailable due to your other work commitments they won’t call again. Either get in full time or stay out, but that may only be my humble opinion. You cannot give 100% of your attention to two jobs. Think carfully before you take this step and potentially waste alot of your money time and energy. However, it’s your money to waste.
Best regards

having been in the educational field for 13 years, as you stated, means little to me. All it shows me, is that you appear to be supporting the BS educators feed alot of the people who are thinking of getting into this business. I feel just like Chuck and Roy that it is high time newbee’s are getting informed of the realities. The fact that you don’t seem to like the brutal truth can’t be helped, but it doen’t change the reality. How long have you been a home inspector and are you operating full time?
Best regards

do any of you people ever agree with eachother or do you just argue about everything

It’s called debate and you get more then one side of the topic.
Most view points are based on personal experience.
You get to make a fully informed dicision because you have lots to choose from

Vern is quiet correct, but personal view points are not just rooted in personal experiences, but also the experience of time some of us have spent in this business and what we have learned along the way. How you would like to spend your money and time is totaly up to you. However, if it was me looking for a business now, and I had the amount of information at hand that is available to you, I would never get into this business again today. But as I already said, it’s your money and time.
Best regards