Tramex Leak-Seeker Moisture Detector

I have a well-used Tramex Leak-Seeker moisture detector in very good condition. Includes moisture detector, extension handle, manual and leather pouch.

This is an essential tool if you do flat roof moisture inspections. This is the predecessor to the current TRAMEX RWS, which lists for $1,600. I don’t think that they’ve changed very much.

I figured I would offer it up here before listing on fleabay.

$450 shipped CONUS.

Sold. PayPal? Or, I’ll mail you a check. We know each other, you let it clear and send me the tool. I’ll include beans.

It’s yours! If it’s not what you expected, just let me know.

Either Paypal or check will be fine PayPal.Me. Beans would be appreciated immensely! Will ship USPS Priority. Like you said, we know each other, I’m not sitting on your check.

Damit!!! LOL I missed it, I guess the pain of being too busy for the MB. :wink: I wish you well and hope you enjoy it Paul!! :lol:

If you decide it doesn’t fit your style Paul, let me know… I don’t have beans… but I do Have Troll Mix :lol:

Nice to beat you at something Dave! :smiley:

Chuck, I am mailing a check tomorrow as well as the beans. Burundi roasted at Full City. Good flavors. You had the Burundi awhile ago, I liked it and bought more…

I have your address.


Thanks for the beans. The moisture detector is already in the mailbox. Had to use a USPS large box, so there was some empty space that needed to be filled.

I’ll be at the Post Office this morning.

I don’t do residential anymore because I can’t crawl or walk roofs. I put a team together of guys who will work for me by the hour such as an electrician, HVAC, plumber. I’m doing the structure including roofing.

After a few months off on which I landscaped the perimeter of my home, gutted my office and made a bedroom (nice room as its 25 X 13’) and a 10 X 16’ cedar (D grade clear) deck I feel I’m ready for some commercial work. Your tool is a must have which I didn’t think I needed until I saw it for sale. :slight_smile:

Welcome back Paul.

Thanks, I’ve been around, just needed some healing time.