TREC approved InterNACHI online courses.

scroll down.

Excellent! That’s over 5 years worth of the state required CE available right there!

I think TREC likes InterNACHI.

And InterNACHI likes TREC. Where’s Bushart? He’s probably going to puke when he reads this. :D;-)

Clearly then he is easily nauseated. Perhaps a Dramamine is in order.

I too get a little queasy when you voice your disdain for inspectors in licensed states like Texas. What was your quote from a couple of weeks ago? Oh yeah “Most of them dopes are in licensed states too (the license even fools them into believing they are competent).” Well, my 448 required classroom hours and ~100 CE’s mean a lot to me and hopefully prove my commitment to the profession and I prefer not to think of myself and other Texas HI’s as incompetent dopes. Oh well, I suppose I can live with your low view of us though…I’ll get over it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think they heard you Michael.!

BTW… I got the tester you made… very nice. :wink:

He knows Texans are exempt from his comments like that…:mrgreen:

Good…glad you got the tester…hope it helps speed up that new SOP item that we got saddled with. And, I hope you’re right and that Nick doesn’t really hold us in that low esteem.

Grandma always said “95% of disapproval is jealousy” Not everyone can be fortunate enough to be born Texan :slight_smile:

Hmm I guess I didn’t get my membership stuff completed on time. It looks like I’m no longer a member.