TREC Meeting 2/23

I plan to attend the TREC meeting on Monday, 2/23 so watch here for an update next week. Two agenda items piqued my curiosity:

Another agenda item indicates two new members of the Inspectors Advisory Committee will be appointed to replace two members whose term has expired. One of those retiring members, although I like him personally, I have definitely not supported many of his contributions especially to the new SOP.

Can you propose to get some of those errors on the intro page corrected?

That particular meeting would not be the proper place to do that. I could present those at the next Inspectors Advisory Committee meeting though. I would just need to get the specifics.

Hey Mike,

Sounds good. Only issues were the ones I pointed out here:

OK, I’ve printed that out and will take it to the next Inspectors Advisory Committee meeting that has not yet been scheduled.

Hey Michael I dont know what the requirements are but If you are able I think you should apply to be on the Inspector committee. From what I have seen you have been very helpful to Texas inspectors and I think you are very well balanced and professional and would be a great asset to the committee.

Okay, I’ll buy the professional part but could you define “well balanced” for us? :p:D

Thanks John (Mike says as he staggers down the hallway to his office). Thanks to you too Steven but I’m just short by 3 months of meeting the minimum 5 years in the business requirement. I haven’t endeared myself either to all of the other members of the Inspectors Committee so I can’t count on their support. Well, maybe one or two of them so I will just have to continue playing in the audience and then maybe apply for a post in 2 years when the next openings come up. Rest assured, the two new members will have been vetted (read hand-picked) by the current committee members (read chairman).

I just dont understand or really agree with some of the decisions made by the comittee. I think some of the inspectors are little too strict or over the top on certain issues and I think that there needs to be a balance on things. For example the roof fasteners issue I dont agree with and I thinks its rediculous and thats where I think inspectors like Michael can help. I hope I make sense and you all understand what I mean.

Steven, one of your local home-boys is on the Inspectors Advisory Committee for the next two years. He’s a great guy and if you have a local TAREI or iNACHI chapter then he would probably be willing to come talk to you guys. You could roast him good while he was there as well :smiley: I’ll send you his contact information via PM.

I couldn’t agree more and Mike does have good balance, is well bred and will be a year smarter, tomorrow.:smiley:

Happy birthday Mike.

Don’t ask me to define “well bred”. :wink:

Thanks John…I think :)…inching closer to Social Security sure gets one to thinking :(.
“Well bred” in my case should probably read “Well bread” considering my waistline!

OK, as promised, here are my notes from today’s TREC meeting.

TREC 022309.pdf (159 KB)


Wow! Well done Mike, a very interesting read. Many thanks.

Thanks Michael!

Good Job Mike, Thanks’!