"TREC Texas Standards of Practice, Legal and Ethics" course

As the static water pressure of the water supply plumbing exceeds 80 pounds per square inch (PSI), it would be wise to install a pressure regulator. Otherwise, the plumbing system may be prone to leaks in piping, fittings or other equipment.

Unsigned Inspection Contracts. In most jurisdictions, the statute of frauds contains an exception called the ‘partial performance exception’. If the inspector performs as required by the unsigned agreement and the client accepts the benefits of that, the partial performance exception will apply and the client’s statute of frauds argument should fail. If an inspector’s client pays the fee quoted in the unsigned agreement, allows the inspector to perform the inspection, and accepts the report, that would be evidence of the client’s assent to the unsigned agreement.

When evaluating the breaker panel there are several items that should be noted as deficient: There is no anti-oxidant paste on the main power supply lines. White wires are not properly identified as hot wires. Not seen in this picture was the lack of labeling for all the installed breakers.

Wall cracks are just one item to alert the inspector to possible foundation issues. The size and even direction of the cracks will even help determine the severity and location of deflection of foundation. Usually observing the issues with the walls and other items around home it is very easy for the inspector to recommended further evaluation by a qualified foundation company.

Observed light penetration between the flue and the roof jack at the water heater as flue terminates through the roof. This is a possible avenue for water penetration during times of rainy/stormy weather. Recommendation: Properly seal area(s) at flue/roof jack

Here is a shut valve in the bathroom that has built up excessive corrosion possibly due to some type of previous leak. It is my opinion that it should be written up as corrosion on the shut off valve and not as a leak

The image that I chose was about the attic that appeared to not have any insulation. What l learned that you should always check to see if there is insulation in the attic . Insulation is important because it helps to keep the heat and/ or cool air in the house

Reduce Energy Cost in Your Home
For many home owners their energy cost; water, gas & electricity, have grown exponentially over the years. And to get their cost back in line with their budgets there are some easy things people can do themselves to ease that painful outflow from their wallets.
One is to find better ways of cooling/heating home. Such as, add programmable thermostats, ceiling fans, drawing curtains over windows all reduce utility bills. Another way is adding tankless, on-demand water heater. This way you are only heating water you need at time you need it and not heating it 24/7. In addition, you can save tremendously by replacing all incandescent light bulbs with CFL or LED bulb saving up to 75% in energy cost. Another way to help expenditure on water bill is install efficient showerheads and toilets. Did you know that 30-40% of your water is flushed down the drain by using those old 3.5 gallon toilets. That can add up to over 12,000 gallons of water per year. Also I recommend homeowners need to check out, Google, such things as the way people can better use their appliances and electronic equipment and adding day lighting equipment (skylights, clerestory, etc.) as well as insulating windows and door. Many of the above suggestions I personally did myself and now have a utility bills arriving each month that are not nearly so stressful to deal with.

A temperature/pressure relief line (TP relief line) must be made of a non-corrosive substance, and must slope continuously away from the TP valve. The TP relief line in the picture is a flexible copper tube which is subject to corrosion, and not configured to slope continuously away from he TP valve. It needs to be replaced with approved pipe and fittings, such as CPVC plastic.

Electrical outlets have been replaced with newer outlets. However, these outlets have not been replaced with outlet required under current guidelines. Any system replaced shall be replaced by currently required systems. Current standards require Tamper Resistant outlets. Correct as required.

AFCI’s recognize characteristics unique to arcing. AFCI indicators produce characteristics that mimic some forms of arcing. Because of this, the indicator may give a false indication that the AFCI is not functioning properly. If this occurs, a recheck of the operation is necessary.

When you inspect a water heater your looking for many things, such as it energy source. Also the inside of the burner compartment looking at the flame and to look for rust and the amount of rust so you can determine the condition of the unit.

When you inspect a water heater your looking for many things, such as it energy source. Also the inside of the burner compartment looking at the flame and to look for rust and the amount of rust so you can determine the condition of the unit.

Chinese drywall was brought into the U.S.A. from 2001 to 2009. It was used heavily in Southeast Texas. Homeowners started to report odors and copper surfaces to turn black, which have been blamed on Chinese drywall. It is outside the SOP of a licensed home inspector to determine if Chinese drywall is present in a home in Texas.

The article I reviewed was titled 15 Tools Every Homeowner Should Own. I learned that homeowners should own essential tools for emergencies and everyday repair jobs. These tools should include items like: plungers, wrenches, pliers, flashlights, hammers, screw drivers, safety glasses, safety masks & duct tape, just to name a few.

There appears to be twisting and tearing of the drywall joint tape at the corner junction of two walls at the end of bedroom #2, which could possibly be indicative of structural movement at that location. Recommend further evaluation by a qualified specialist.

Sufficient beam and joist support is imperative in pier and beam foundation construction. If the edge of the beam and only a very small portion of the joist end is supported by the pier, rotational movement can be introduced into the beam which can pull it away from the joist, potentially leading to failure of affected portions of the foundation.

Three inches of foam insulation and a long-life baked enamel exterior finish contribute to the efficiency of the Kenmore 58250 50-gallon electric water heater. Designed for durability and efficiency, the elements on this Kenmore electric water heater have superior resistance to lime build-up. It also features a polymer dip tube, a glass-lined tank, and 2 large anode rods for super water heater protection.
A 50-gallon electric water heater is the minimum recommended size for a 3- to 4-person household with typical water use.

3 inches of energy-efficient foam insulation prevents heat loss
The tank and parts have a 12-year limited warranty
Cobalt blue glass-lined tank with two large anodes maximizes tank life by protecting against corrosion
Element lasts longer and has superior resistance to lime buildup
Self-cleaning cold-water inlet tube swirls water to prolong tank life and maintain energy efficiency by discouraging lime buildup
Temperature and pressure safety relief valve is factory installed
Compatible with the Kenmore Smart Water Heater Module

I have decided to attach a photo of an inspection companies home page. My choice in doing so was to illustrate a good example of what it looks like to inform your clients of the recovery fund according to the TREC guidelines in Texas. Thank you.

I have chose to write about a legit way to give gifts to realtors that is not in opposition to the RESPA rule. According to an internachi article it does not violate RESPA to use the site giftsfromyourinspector.com. This is a great way to perk your business relationships in an ethical way.