Question about TREC MCE Requirements

Good Day everyone,

I was wondering if someone had any direction on the latest MCE course requirements for Texas Real Estate Commission.

I have plenty of time to get the courses done but I want to get them out of the way and was wondering if someone had a place where you can possibly do them online??

15 hours of MCE courses (including the
3 hr TREC Legal Update course and the 3 hr TREC Ethics course

I was trained with AHIT and have not reached out to them yet, but was wondering with the vast knowledge base we have here, if there was a “free” online course or nominal fee location to study these required courses.

Thanks in Advance


INACHI has a vast number of TREC approved CE courses. Look at the left column under Inspection Courses or go here and be sure the courses you take show them to be TREC approved. Actually you need 16 hrs/yr or a total of 32 hrs when your two year license comes up for renewal. Those 32 hours can be taken anytime during the two year period.

BTW, you should post questions like this in the Texas section of the board to get the best & quickest responses.


Anyway, our free, online inspection courses are TREC approved including the mandatory Texas Standards of Practice/Legal/Ethics update course.

Thank you for the identification of the Texas section. I did not catch that and am new to this site. I will look to make sure I address in the correct location from now on.

Thank you for the assistance.