tricky electrical installation

I also found a tricky electrical installation, Some one changed the location of the porch light using the existing switch and since there was no neutral wire in the box they they just used the ground for the neutral to the light. Would this application compromise the whole electrical system ?


They electrified the ground,and no neutral.

Must be corrected.

Safety hazard.

Not enough info to make a determination of what is going on.

Was there a neutral for the original light?

Here is a good article explaining why this is bad.

If this is ground and on same circuit with say grounded outlets which I am sure it is then the boxes may be electrified.

You never see a porch light switch on a separate breaker.

They usually tap in from another circuit.

I am curious how you found this ?

This is in my house, I was changing all the plugs and switches to Decora and I found it. I have not noticed any problems but I have not touched any of the flex or boxes. The box only had the hot going in and out of the switch with a white screwed to the box going to the light.

The hot going in and out of the switch is fine as a switch leg but where did the hot get it’s power from?

Something is not quite adding up.

From what I can tell the switch leg originated at the old light location. The neutral must have stooped at that light with only the hot switch leg continuing to the switch. The new light was installed at a different location explains the missing neutral.

The electrical is all flex

Now it makes sense.

You need to extend the original feed at the old fixture location to the new location to make it right.

Maybe you use the flex to pull can pull 14-3 with ground between the old and new fixture location or pull another wire through the flex if it will fit.

Thanks Michael I think I can use the existing hot to pull a new hot and a neutral through the flex to the old light. Thanks again

Get some THHN it is much smaller and will it better than TW.