Troubleshooting a RUUD High Efficiency Furnace

Hi all,

My GF has a Ruud High Efficiency Furnace installed by a licensed contractor 2 years ago. Model Number RGTS-07EMAES, Serial Number GY5D702F491204687.

We woke this morning to a household temperature of 61 but the Tstat was set for 68 degrees. I raised the temperature setting to 69 and the heat cycle kicked on.
The burner started, then the fan kicked on a few minutes later but it sounded like the fan was at a low setting. A few minutes later the fan went to a faster speed but the burner stopped. It seems to be stuck in this cycle.

I turned off the furnace with the Tstat, then turned off the emergency switch. After 5 minutes I turned on both the Tstat and the switch. The furnace kicked on but after 15-20 minutes it got stuck in the same “cycle.” I turned off the tstat and switches off and on several times.

I replaced the intake filter.

I’ve been reading some other ideas why it gets caught in this cycle, one of which has to do with a clogged condensate line? (3 people suggested this to be the cause)

My question is, what and where is the condensate line located? Is this the tube for the a/c condensation? OR is it one of the PVC pipes that exit the structure of the home?

Thank you

Should be a smaller plastic tube that slopes downward either to a floor drain,condensation pump or outside some where…

Time to call for furnace service .
I do not see where you have said it has been serviced since new .

Agree with Roy. Call the pro’s.