Truss supports?

W trusses in attic; porch overhang does not appear to be supported by anything. Columns are rotted, looked inside and they are hollow. The base on one I can move with my hand. Stuck a foot long screwdriver under and there is nothing in the center of these columns. Recommend structural engineer to evaluate. Does the porch roof need supporting or are these just cosmetic?

It appears to be cantilevered .

Doing research/report now…So they can be removed and not replaced? What about wind/snow load?

As Roy illustrated, cantilever support for overhang/roof. The columns are decorative.

If you are referring to the columns. Recommend repair or replace .
wind/snow load… Wouldn’t comment on it.

I wouldn’t go there. Just mention what you see, point out the possibility of cantilevered trusses and recommend eval and repairs as necessary.

*Columns at the front porch have moisture damage and have settled away from the porch cover. These columns appear to be decorative and trusses above may be engineered to be cantilevered, but both should be evaluated and repairs performed as deemed necessary by a qualified contractor. *

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I agree however I can’t picture how the the top cord of the engineered truss was done. Is that perhaps a flat portion of roof designed for the overhang I am seeing?
Are the obvious beams part of the cantilever and not decorative in picture 4?
If both of these can be answered then I would say NO support needed and Pillars are strictly decorative.