TSSA News Letter - Winter 2007

We are pleased to provide you with the online version of TSSA Update: Fuels Safety Edition for Winter 2007.
The printed version of the newsletter has been mailed out and should be received shortly.
To view the online version, please click on the link below:

New Liquid Fules Handling Code 2
Fuel Oil Distributor Inspections 3
Danger of Fueling in Enclosed Areas and Trailers 4
Tank Truck-toTruck Transfer 5
** B149.1 Code Amendments Will Change Approach to Plastic Venting 6**
Contractor Compliance Audit 7
Gas Fired Natural Draft Residential Boilers 9
Propane Cylinder Alert 10

** Interesting about misuse of 20lb. propane tanks for Crystal Meth production.**

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Good post… Thanks Raymond… Roy Cooke

Good post Ray!!


Any relation to Sandra Cooke ?? [Page 1]

I always try to wash off my tanks when I take them out of my lab… my guess it is Raymond who trades his in. :mrgreen:

Seriously, it is something to watch as out of the ordinary.

It blowed up real good! :mrgreen:

AS long as you can start again, the scars will heal. Or at least that is what they say.:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I once did Crystal Meth and did 9,000 inspections in 24 hours! I also took it another time and personally certified 5,000 inspectors across Canada by the end of 2007, or was it 2006… :shock: :mrgreen: :roll:

https://secure.propanegas.ca/FileArea/P GAC/C3Alert_0605_18%20PropaneCylinders_CrystalMethAlert.pdf.
Material Safety Data Sheets are also available at http://www.tannerind.com/
anhydrous-msds.html and other anhydrous ammonia websites.

See I knew you would catch yourself in the end… I watched you all day and you only did 8500 in 24 hours. And you went through all my meth and never repayed it as you promised… I want it returned ASAP!!:stuck_out_tongue:

And did not do 5,000 across Canada… you never even went into Newfoundland!:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

No I was delirious, I didn’t certify 5,000 inspectors it was more like 6,500 from coast to coast. I did it because I doubled the dose… I hooked up the propane tank to my Bar-b-que, and that steak I cooked turned green. :shock: