Tub trap

I saw this today, this is a drain line coming from the tub from above and hangs down about 18" then a trap and gooes into the main sewer line. Not sure if this is ok? Give me your thoughts thanksDSCF0012 (Small).JPG

I need your advise on this one guys, I always get great reponses from here, the more I learn the better HI I become, anyone have a comment on this situation?

Looks fine to me. Just a little different. I have never seen one that far down before but IMO, should work just as well.

24" is the maximum allowable length for the tail piece - except for a washing-machine standpipe, which can be 36".

THANK YOU THANK YOU Jeff where did you get your finding please

Hey Jeff i have the code book and the best I can find is under section P3105.3 (5) Is this what your talking about? So do I state something within my report?

I don’t see a problem

If that 2" above it is a vent then it may be ok. If it is a drain and they used this as a wet vent it would depend on the plumbing code. In that case, under UPC, it would not be legal.

UPC 910.5

I can’t find the IRC section, but 3105.3 is a different animal - a vertical leg.

i’ll keep looking but for now i stated nothing on the report.