Turn them in, or look the other way?


TREC makes the Rules, not me or the Inspector Committee. The responsibility you reference is boilerplate in all regulatory language and it is put there by staff lawyers. No one changes what a staff lawyer wants.

The two most dangerous words of any statute or politician are “public protection” or “consumer protection”. Without carefully defined limitations, “public protection” is a blank page for corruption by bureaucrats and zealous regulation by members of an occupation who desire to control commerce to their preference. The overwhelming majority of people who invoke these terms in their proposals cannot statistically substantiate their claims.

You said, “With this quote, I then suspect that you gave up on consumer protection?”

I always protect my consumer to the best of my ability. I support deregulation because I believe consumer protection would be improved. We are currently regulated by real estate agents. If inspectors had their own board I am convinced it would be comprised of rulemaking personalities which would be no better than being controlled by real estate agents.

The only statistical proof I can offer is that I spent 32 years traveling to Austin to serve committees, support committees, oppose committees, testify to the legislature, openly oppose powerful TREC officials repeatedly, and testified to several Sunset Commissions. I am not bragging. The fact is I spent 32 years doing this until I realized “*(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quM-3Sl8xjM)”. It’s easy for people to disagree with me but until you’ve danced with the devil in the pale moonlight, be nice. There is only one course of action . . do the best you can for your consumer. Ignore others. Inspectors who stick to that will succeed with or without rules and the public will be protected.

Back to topic. If you see a report you disagree with then submit a signed complaint if that suits you.

Pardon the expression nut up. I saw it in a movie called Zombieland and thought it was funny.*


At no time did I say you or the IAC made any rules. To save you the trouble of paging back here is what I stated. I have bold and underlined the key point. I am well aware of who approves rules and who reviews any rule suggestions and I am also aware of the many rules that the IAC under your watch worked to have changed/amended/improved with your “advise” to the Commissioners. After all that was one of the major functions of the IAC.

As for your thought on consumer protection.

The public will only be protected by those Inspectors that choose to take that course of action. Unfortunately as we see there are plenty of Inspectors that choose not to expend much or any effort in consumer protection in lieu of their own profits. Unfortunately too that is the basic reason for the need of regulations. Until 100% of the Inspectors do take consumer protection seriously and practice it then deregulation will only hurt the consumer and not help them.

As for your phrase no need for apologies since Woody Harrelson did after all get his beloved Twinky! ;-)*