Two Condensors with one air handler?

Large house today (3000 sq. ft.). Two condensers on opposite sides of the home. I found one air handler in the attic near one condenser but did not see another one. There was only one accessible attic access I found and it was near the air handler. There was one in the garage that was screwed shut. This was also near the handler. To try and see the other handler, if there was one, I would of had to travel on hands and knees across the attic to the other side of the home. As it was, I had to squeeze through two studs (16" apart) to get even this close to the handler I did find. No working space around it. I do not believe this air handler was servicing both condensers but I would like opinions on this. I did a search and found that there are duel air handlers but this did not look like one of them.
One other thing was the filter was behind a ceiling grate on the other side of the house.

Well I personally don’t play hide and seek on inspections. Access is readily visible or its not. Since you’re in New York and its winter I’m betting its too cold to run the A/C. So I would just spell out the issues and bump it.

Yes, I could not run the units, that would of helped. Thanks Dan, that is a good narrative. I have something similar but will incorporate some of yours into mine. One guess on who owns the home?

You just didn’t find the other one.

They are not allowed to “hide them” on the other side of the attic… There must be a walkway and they can only be so far from the access.

David …

Walkway ?? I’ve heerd bout them things, AND recommend them, just never seen one in my area.

AND actually last year inspected a home with 9 A/C units outside, a walk-in cooler and its own Ziebert rooftop condensor for the homes control center AND we had to call the architect to locate 2 of the furnace / air handlers.

They were in hidden rooms behind roll-out bookcases.


Ok, so I’m doing some research and come across this thread. No-one seems to have much information about or even believes that this elusive system exists but, I came across one today.

Two 3 ton Trane condensers connected to a single air handler. Took me a while to see the light. Kept looking for the 2nd thermostat and 2nd air handler but, no such luck. House is 3,100 sq ft.

After not being able to find anything I decided to look at the air handler and sure enough, there are two complete sets of freon lines.

See pictures below. Sorry about sideways pics. They started out oriented correctly. Guess they are a little too big.
Any comments?

That is a two stage system.

One 2 stage thermostat operates it.

I need more information if you need more information…