Two Questions

Two questions:

Why would I see water staining on ceilings around HVAC supply vents?
Is it OK to discharge a bathroom vent fan into the HVAC return plenum?

Condensation? Were ducts insulated in attic?? Moisture meter? Regardless they’re there for a reason & need fixin’

What do you think, Calvin? Of course it may have been one of those Redneck brand humidifiers.

Some contractors do not insulate the ducts properly especially at the end of the run of duct where it connects to the square ceiling register a lot of the time one will see no insulation at all on the attic side and especially like in your area high humidity will result in condensation dripping and or soaking the ceiling near the register,

No it is not alright to discharge bath exhaust into or near a return air 3 areas that returns are not allowed bathrooms,kitchens, and garages

Around here the moisture stains on the walls below the registers appears to be a result of vacationers (its most often noted in vacation condos) who turn on the a/c at the same time that they open the doors and windows. Condensation collects and drips from the cold metal registers hitting the warm moist air. The solution here is a shutoff switch on the doors and windows. Open a door or a window and the unit shuts off.

Sure. It’s the latest in recycling.

Why of course it is. Then you can share with the whole household…:shock:

I would think the first issue could be the result of the second.

I guess I should have reversed the questions!

Sean finally got it.