Two service panels

Need some input. Yesterdays inspection - One meter with two service panels. Both were 150 amp with their own breakers. One is on the exterior wall and one is inside in the hall. Wire coming from the meter is #1 copper wire. It is bugged in the outside panel and runs to each panel box. Are the wires large enough to handle this and is it compliant.

Did each panel have a it’s own service disconnect? If so they need to be grouped at one location. And yes the #1 AWG might be too small for both 150 amp panels. Do you have any photo’s?

Typically in an arrangement such as you described, there would be a single disconnect at or near the meter socket. You mentioned that one is on the exterior and one is on the interior. Are you sure that the exterior was not the main service disconnect and the interior panel a sub-panel?

Each panel had its own service disconnect. There was a lug kit in the outside panel where the wires were split off to the separate boxes.

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