U.S. Inspect

Has anyone sub contracted for U.S. Inspect? Any problems?

Do a Search on the message board, I know over the last couple of years there have been posts regarding this.

They tried to recruit me, about 2 yars ago.

The do:

  • Quicky inspections. at least 4 per day.
  • Use checklist reports.
  • make you use their forms.
  • Pay a percentage of the fee.
    Just not how I do business. Not serving the client’s best interests, just U.S. Inspects.

Also, they are partially owned by Coldwell Banker.

Can you say “Conflict of Interest”?

Sure, I knew you could. :mrgreen:

If you work for US Inspects you cannot work for any other company including your own.
Have you ever noticed that they are very little if any US Inspectors on this MB

I did a relocation inspection for them last year. They paid OK and on time but when it came to the client they didn’t want me to talk to them, refer all calls back to the office. Somehow the client got my cell # and asked me questions about procedure and the report and I never heard from US Inspects again.
I was just doing my job for the client but obviously there is more that goes on. I believe these type of companies just process information at our expense!

Talk to Mike Crow, he knows USInspect inside and out.