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Was HIP also considered for this or was this just a lateral decision based on membership preferences and or ease of using?
Just curious.

Was HIP also considered for this or was this just a lateral decision based on membership preferences and or ease of using?
Just curious.

No, HIP was not considered at all. HIP is not in compliance with InterNACHI’s industry-wide requirement of all vendors to charge all InterNACHI members less than everyone else. Not bashing HIP software at all. I love it and have recommended it for years and continue to recommend it. And I certainly consider Dominic a friend. But we can’t purchase HIP software in bulk for all of our members and provide HIP as a free membership benefit if HIP is not in compliance with the main rule of the inspection industry. It’s kind of like gravity. You can’t defy it unscathed.

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To be clear Marcel, InterNACHI is not purchasing anything. HomeGauge is giving their software away for free.


A professional inspector who agrees to all the crap that is included in the Home Gauge (American Family Insurance) privacy policy, can kiss return clientele goodbye. Free means absolutely nothing if you lose even one client due to improper use of their personal information. If you do 200 inspections a year, a good software program will cost you about $3 per inspection for the first year and maybe $1 each after the first year. Professionals don’t worry about small fees when they are bringing in 6 figures. Don’t fall for the information brokers freebie.


I am surprised that there hasn’t been a lively discussion, on this message board, of giving away potentially (to the buyer) sensitive information to a potentially adversial mega corporation.

That could be a very successful marketing strategy for non users of the platform.

ISN is owned by Porch.
Carson Dunlop software is owned by a hedge fund.
America’s Call Center is owned by Porch.
Palm Tech is owned by Porch.
AHIT owned by a hedge fund.
ICA owned by a private equity group.

I can go on and on.

InterNACHI owned by no one.

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Good information Nick. I do not think I would trust a hedge fund further than the SEC could throw it. The HG/Insurance would be a conflict of interest in that that building data would benefit one side of an insurance claim over another. There might be a COI that I don’t see with scheduling data and training.

If its free its really expensive and I cant afford really expensive. If you not paying for it you are the product!


CORRECTION: Carson Dunlop is owned by a Capital Investment firm. The difference being comparable with a Home Buyer (Capital Investment) vs. a Home Flipper (Hedge fund).
TO CONFIRM: HORIZON Inspection Software is not affiliated with or share information with Insurance companies.

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Thanks. Good to know.