Un-handy man

I thought his was a un handy man special.

Feel free to post any un-handyman information here.

House was 3 years old and quality built. Then mr super hero un-handy man installed his own deck and…presto here is the air conditioner.

Actually hiding the A/C under the box is not a bad idea. You see if the A/C was visible it would pobably be stolen. Home is in a not so hot of an area.


Some of our upscale neighborhoods here require that the cooling condensers be hidden. So I regularly find something like that, or find vegetation growing all over the condenser. Such ugly things. Don’t want them ruining the beauty of my million dollar property.

Perhaps a lattice type cover that’s a tad less restrictive to proper air flow! :smiley:


Write it up as…Improper clearances of exterior condenser. Recommend removing wood cover while in operation.

This Condenser unit can not be blocked, period. Unless of course it’s not being used.

When this unit is discharging air, and there is a cover above it, the hot air attempts to blow up, but hits the cover, and is recirculated back into the unit. This causes the head pressure to increase, and the capacity (of the unit) to be reduced. Also, this hot condenser air becomes trapped around the unit, recycling it into the condenser coil and the “fresh” air intake. As the unit runs, it continues to increase the temperature of the air across the outdoor coil, decreasing efficiency and increasing operational costs.

This continued use (in this manner) will ruin the unit.

If the home is in a “not so hot” area, why does he need air conditioning?

Dang these lawyer types!
They’ll always use your own words against you!!!

BTW, a great explanation, DV!

And that vegetation always seems to have thorns or pointed leaves!:shock:

I think they practice that in law school. That or they are forced to live with an ex-wife and/or in-law for a year before getting their degree.:stuck_out_tongue: