Unitary Products A/C Age

Please identify age Unitary Products ( York- Borg Warner ) Air conditioner

There is a shut off breaker on the outside so I think the unit is relatively new.
Mod. H12D024S06A
Ser. WOD7676459

Thanks Bruce

Third letter of the Serial number “D” indicates either 1974 or 1995. Since you think it’s “newer” I’d go with the 1995 option.

It’s from 1976. It even says it twice! Or was that New York, New York? Ah, I’m so confused. At least there’s more golf today at Torrey Pines. :margarit:

I’ll go with Mark.

Actually, that looks like it might have been made in 2007 at the York-UPG Witchita plant.

York and Unitary Products Group (UPG, which is a division of York) actually had different serial number coding. That 10 character serial number coding looks like a strange one used by UPG more recently, which has:
Letter … Plant
Number … Year - First Digit
Letter … Month
Number … Year - Second Digit
xxxxxx … 6-Digit Sequence Number

But (there is always a “but”), my understanding is that coding (along with the older York coding, where the third character indicated the year) was only used up to 2005. So I would call UPG to be sure.

Thanks Robert, makes sense, house was built in 1989, and the outside breaker suggests a recent A/C

OK, what happens when the 2nd “Number” is a letter?

Model Number: AC036X1021A
Serial Number: WDLM003435

I would guess 2000 but it doesn’t follow the same scheme. Any guesses?

York and Unitary serial numbers that have four letters followed by six digits use the third letter as the year. The L is 1981 or 2002.


UPG Serial Number (S)EBHM062202

Any idea what year this is?

What is it on?