Unknown noise

Ok i just finished a warranty inspection. The client stated that he hears a drip type noise in the walls after using the shower and/or Jacuzzi tub. This is all in the master bedroom. The water heater is directly behind the master bedroom wall. I ran all the water and could not replicate the noise the client is hearing. I think it might be the condensate drain from the in attic A/C heating unit that drains into the PVC drain next to the water heater. He said that he hears it as well during the winter seasons. Im confused. Has anyone heard of this before.

Pipe expands when hot and contracts when it cooks I expect this could be the noise he hears in the wall .
You might not hear it when it is expanding as the water is running

PEX line. Please explain how this works by making this dripping water noise.

Sliding through a hole in wood or a clamp .I have run into this twice and it drove me nuts too. A constant tick, tick, tick

Have him replicate the noise for his contractor/handyman, since he knows first hand about it and is the one who knows where he’s hearing things. Then tell him to have that contractor/handyman to cut open the wall and repair/remedy “the noise” accordingly. I would have simply & politely told him this, without running water and trying to “troubleshoot” something I can’t see or fix (or hear, apparently), especially for a Warranty Inspection?

You (or anyone here) can speculate scenarios until you are blue in the face, and its not going to change anything. He’s obviously annoyed by a drip/noise, whatever it may be, and wants it fixed.

I can’t explain it, but my house does the same thing. I’ve never seen any water damage, either. It annoys me, but no signs of a leak in the finished basement. It doesn’t annoy me enough to go knocking holes in my drywall though.

Let me know if you figure it out.

I have ran across this when light gage steel studs are used on interior walls. Piping expands in plastic clips, however copper piping was installed not pex.

Drain lines aren’t PEX… :wink:

If you or someone you know has a thermal imager, run the hot water for about 5-10 minutes. View the area of the wall where they say they hear the ‘dripping’. You will easily be able to locate the hot supply and/or the drain that goes down the wall.


I have tracked stuff like this with noise amplifier and ear buds.
They sell them at walgreens for about 20 bucks.
Like having a stethoscope.

Simple water glass put against the wall and put you ear to the bottom works too.