Updated panel 200 amps most outlets two pronged?

I recently put in an offer on on a house that had an updated electrical panel (200 amps) but a majority of the outlets in the house were of the older two pronged variety. I have not opened up any outlets to see what type of wires were in there i.e. ground wire.

What am I looking at cost wise if there is only black and white and no ground wire in the boxes (probably 5 on first floor and 5 on second floor)? Also, what would I be looking at if there were three wires upon closer inspection? Thanks for your help!

How many wires were entering the service panel?

I’m just beginning to learn about these things so I have no idea. First time home buyer. My Home Inspector stated 200 hundred amps. There are some 3 pronged outlets in the house but many 2. I’m just trying to figure out what kind of work will be needed to upgrade these receptacles. I’m not able to get back into the house until final walk through.

On the report did the inspector indicate if the 2 and 3 pronged rec. were grounded? Did it say false or open ground?

What type of wiring was noted in the report?

As for as upgrading. You can either re-wire the entire home. Expensive. Alternative, replace the rec. with GFCI’s.

There are some very qualified electricians that should be around later that will be able to give you some help.

We have no idea where you live, and what the economical structure may be. Prices vary all over the country drastically.

Your best bet is to call in a local electrician for a “free estimate”.

The inspector may have simply determined a ground was not present based on the 2 pronged outlet, and no one here knows what the condition may be, how old the wiring is, what type of wiring.

Uh oh, I really never learned what type of wiring it is. I live in MA and the house was built in 1971. It’s weird because some of the rooms have the 3 pronged and some don’t. I’m sorry I don’t have too much to provide for you guys in order for you to give me guidance.

Also, it was noted in the home inspection that there is one outlet that is reversed polarized. What does that fix entail?

As the time goes on I will try and get some more specifics so I can hopefully keep this thread alive.

I’ll try this one more time.

You’re asking for an analysis and a price for repair. No one is going to go out on limb on message board–the electrician is going to have to physically inspect the system in person to give a qualified answer. It’s very difficult to rely on the findings of one who is not an electrician.

Your best bet, again, is to call a local electrician.

Another way of saying some of this is; just because an electrical receptacle has a three prong outlet in it does not necessarily mean it is a grounded outlet. Often in older homes the occupants replace a defective two prong (ungrounded) outlet with a three prong simply because they are easy to find and cheaper than a two prong replacement. The only sure fire method we know of to get a definitive answer to your questions is to hire an electrician to come in and analyze your system for what if any upgrades you need. There a gazillion bastardized electrical systems throughout this great land and without looking at it for ourselves there is no way any one of us should give you advise on a bulletine board without looking at what is in your home. Sure hope this helps you.

The type of wiring should have been included in the report. If the 3 prong were open ground or no-ground also should have been included. I suggest you call your inspector and get more details. :wink:

Then, liked mentioned above, call 2 or 3 reputable electricians.