Upload Issue

I need help if anybody is out there!! I am trying to upload a report to the cloud from my Samsung note 5. I keep getting an error message " Failed to send report to cloud. Posted content length of 659690835 exceeds limit of 209715200"
I am buying 40MB of space. This has happened before, but the solution was to pay for the increased space. I have not had an issue uploading in a long time. The report does have a lot of images, but I don’t think it is bigger than other large reports I have done.

Any ideas are appreciated. The report uploads to the 100% mark and then I get the error message.

Does anybody know how to connect the phone direct to my home network? Is there a special cable? Not sure that would help as it looks like there is a data space issue or something wrong at the Homeguage server.

I am dead in the water until support opens Monday.

thanks for any help out there